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Welcome to Stellar Wind.Info, a citizen run website dedicated to watching those who watch us.

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Find something you're interested in researching, dig into it, and post what you find!

If nothing else, please feel free to just edit our pointers for research page and give us new links that we might not have seen yet!

Q: What is Stellar Wind?

A:: Stellar Wind is a creation of the NSA and CIA to track and store all domestic internet traffic. That means that the US Government has the means to archive every political website you surf, every item you purchase via an online retailer, every email you send to your spouse or SO, and every opinion you tweet, blog, or post to Facebook.

It has been described by a senior NSA crypto-mathematician as the creation of "a turnkey totalitarian state."[1]

These archives will be stored in the Utah Data Center, due to open in September 2013.

Q: Why should I care? I don't have anything to hide.

A: Once created, Stellar Wind will be under the control of whoever controls the NSA. You might trust the current administration with the power to search through anything you have ever communicated electronically to anyone. Do you expect all future administrations will use this power wisely? Do you expect that everything you say or do now will always be politically popular - or even legal - and that having your conversations recorded will never have consequences for you in the future?

Q: What is

A: An archive of all legally accessible information about the program itself, and the people involved in violating your Fourth Amendment right to privacy. This wiki is crowd-sourced - YOU are the author. If you find facts about Stellar Wind and the US government's war against citizen privacy, please post it.

Q: Is a left wing or right wing organization?

A: Neither. Objections to blatant violations of the Fourth Amendment have come from all corners of political spectrum, and we welcome any participation. Likewise, we confine our scope to only the US government's spy operations on American citizens.

Q: No, seriously, are you people Prius-driving tree-huggers, NASCAR loving Republicans, or tinfoil hat libertarians?

A: People of goodwill on all sides of the political and cultural divides can agree on one thing: that certain actions by the government threaten our privacy. No matter what our opinions are on veganism vs bacon or Lady Gaga vs Edward Gibbon, we come together at to use transparency and crowd sourcing to fight secretive government infringement on our rights.


Watching those who watch us.
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The Utah Data Center opens September 2013